To The Trade

Homeowners who hire interior designers have discerning, discriminating tastes and expect a level of luxury in their surroundings.

If this is the market you serve, we can help. Sew Bella Home is a to-the-trade workroom provider to the design industry, working with interior designers who understand the value of couture details, such as hand-sewn hems, trims, bandings, European-lined treatments and luxurious accouterments.

At Sew Bella Home, we love to work with designers who enjoy collaborating on projects and are seeking a full-service workroom to serve as confidant, partner and fabrication expert. Sew Bella Home stands beside designers from conception to installation. Whether you want a private workroom to collaborate with following your client meetings or prefer a workroom to accompany you on site visits to manage the measure, fabrication and installation aspects of the job, Sew Bella Home can arrange a partnership that suits your business model.

The craftsmanship Sew Bella Home consistently delivers has positioned us as a go-to workroom for designers seeking superior quality and attention to detail.

Sew Bella Home.

From your desire, through our hands, to your client’s home!